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Emulation system, (reinforcer), individual or for a group of children. Here are the instructions: Each child has his or her play board. Ideally, these are hung up in the room; Cut out the pawns for each child then laminate them so that they are preserved; Stick small velcros on the boxes of the game board as well as behind the pawn; When you want to reinforce a behavior in the child, you move the child's pawn forward by naming him the reason why his “man” moves forward; The flags indicate that the child is ready to have a privilege / reward (For example: he can bring a toy from the house the next day or help the educator to serve dinner at the next meal, be creative.); If you prefer, you can use the board to make it a group emulation system, (For example, the pawn is advanced when the movement to the park has been done in peace for the majority of the group.); ** Make sure the children all (or almost) walk at the same pace. Remember, the goal is to empower kids, so we don't want one kid's pawn to lag behind everyone else. Use your judgment as an educator.

Emulation system in the form of a game board | Early childhood



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