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Baluchon for school clients and for classroom management;




Prevention poster to be displayed in the classroom, (keep our environment clean);

Table of characteristics and manifestations of oppositional defiant disorder;

Theoretical tool describing the avenues of intervention for different child profiles (anxious children, requesters, opponents, child kings, inattentive, hyperactive);

A reflection sheet - writing, (Did you make the right choice?);

Theoretical tool describing the types of intervention of the language components for a clientele with language difficulties. This document focuses specifically on strategies related to incidental teaching;

An individual tracking / route sheet;

Poster to display, (classroom life code);

A table of class stickers, (group reinforcer);

Thumbnail of an example of the needs analysis of a child with learning difficulties or language difficulties;

A reflection sheet, (via the medium of drawing);

Observation and analysis grid of the student's abilities;

Tool on the organization of the backpack;

Fun and visual reinforcing tool;

A daily monitoring sheet;

Organizational tool for lessons and homework;

Displays rules of conduct in the classroom;

Power point on cyberbullying;

Table of normal and abnormal signs of language development; Table of characteristics and manifestations of DYS disorders and other learning disabilities.

BALUCHON | School environment and classroom management

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  • 11 PDF documents one page each;

    A 6-page PDF document;

    two PDF documents 2 pages each;

    Two PDF documents 4 pages each;

    A 2-page word document

    A 3-page PDF document

    A 13-page PDF document;




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