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Baluchon for a clientele with an anxiety disorder in children and adults;



Content for children:


Theoretical tools | The ingredients that can help you feel better in your body;

Inventory of what does not worry me;

Tool | The child's strengths to fight anxiety;

Tool for the child: The tree of my successes;

Main strategies to combat anxiety in children;

Visual tool: What I feel in my body when I experience anxiety;

Breathing tool in children;

Tool for the child | Tool shelf;

Visual tool 0-16 years old | The escalation of my anguish.


Adult content:


Theoretical Document on Types of Anxiety Disorder;

Diagram showing physiological reactions associated with anxiety;

Means of intervention for a person with an anxiety disorder;

Diagram of the interactions between the dimensions of anxiety disorders;

Automatic thought cycle;

Questionnaire to get to know each other better.


BALUCHON | Anxiety

  • Compressed file, (ZIP), containing 15 PDF files.


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